Participation in co-curricular programs is essential to development of character, assists in providing a strong sense of identity and inspires a passion for learning.

The range of opportunities to expand and complement learning beyond the classroom allows for growth and development of each student's unique interests, talents and potential.

Just some of the exciting co-curricular experiences on offer include:

Dante Aligheri Poetry Recital Competition

Dante Alighieri was the father of the Italian language and it is therefore fitting that this poetry competition is named in his honour. Students of Italian at Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to extend themselves through the Dante Alighieri Poetry Recital Competition. The competition takes place annually at the University of Melbourne with students required to recite a poem, learnt at school, to external judges. The poetry competition seeks to enhance students’ poetry recitation, delivery, pronunciation, intonation and skills in conveying the meaning of the poem in Italian.


eSports offers students a platform to pursue their passion for gaming. eSports is a constructive pursuit that hones cognitive skills, team building, communication and sportspersonship through Video Games.

F1 in Schools STEM Challenge™ 

The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge™ is one of the largest STEM programs held annually across the globe. A student competition combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics challenges students to develop the world’s fastest miniature F1 car. Participation in the program sees students develop skills in project management, teamwork, problem-solving, innovation, marketing and public speaking.

Ministry Band

The College Ministry Band come together to share their gift of music with the College community, performing throughout the year at College Liturgies, Masses and other events.

Ignite Youth Conference

Held in September each year the Ignite Youth Conference draws together a network of secondary students, young adults, ministry leaders, families, teachers, priests and religious from around Australia. The conference provides a forum for young people to experience Jesus, grow their faith and become empowered to pave the way for the Church of the future.

Indigenous Immersion

The College is committed to fostering a greater understanding and respect for indigenous culture, and connections with our indigenous brothers and sisters. Partnering with Red Earth, this immersion trip to homelands in either Cape York or Arnhem Land is an opportunity for students to connect and learn from the custodians of the oldest surviving culture in the world. 

Italian Language and Culture Trip

This three-week tour provides an immersive experience of Italian language, food and culture. Visiting the Amalfi Coast, Assisi, Bologna, Capri, Florence, Lake Garda, Milan, Naples, Padua, Pisa, Pompeii, Ravenna, Rome, Vatican City, Venice and Verona. 

NASA Space Camp

This bi-annual trip provides students with the opportunity to travel to Huntsville, Alabama to experience first-hand the future of space travel. Students participate in a simulated mission requiring the completion of a range of technical challenges. Through engaging in this program students develop their teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills. Following their week at Space Camp, students travel to Orlando to visit Kennedy Space Centre, experience iFly and the Full Sails Program at the University of Florida.

Philippines Community Service Project

Year 10 students are invited to participate in an opportunity to give back and make a difference to rural communities located in the Philippines. Our students are provided, through an immersion program with a local village, the chance to witness and gain insight of the challenges and values faced by people of a very different culture.

Shared Stories Anthology

Shared Stories Anthology is an annual project of original written and creative works by primary and secondary students from Catholic schools across Victoria. Over the years our College has witnessed the growth of Shared Stories and participation by our students across all levels. Each year the Anthology is published with copies going to the State and National Libraries.