The sense of connection and belonging that underpins healthy relationships and the self-esteem of our students begins with the vertical House system.

Our College is committed to each student feeling valued, supported and empowered to flourish. The vertical House system facilitates strong and ongoing connections between staff, students and families. 

When students join the CRCNK community, they are placed in a House. Our four Houses are named after Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint John Bosco, Saint Clare of Assisi and Saint Oscar Romero. Each House comprises of seven Mentor Groups with students from each year level, which facilitates the sharing of diverse experiences and knowledge, enhancing each student's learning journey and providing a more comprehensive educational experience.

Our school's House system fosters belonging and connection through smaller communities within the larger school. It promotes leadership, collaboration, and mentorship while celebrating diversity. Through participation in House activities and challenges, students are empowered to grow personally, stepping out of their comfort zones, developing new skills, and building confidence along the way.

Attending Mentor Group each morning provides a sense of belonging and supports students in forming trusting relationships and making connections with their peers, their teachers and the wider College community. Students also attend a pastoral session each fortnight.