Our College Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We are a school where every learner can become who God calls them to be.
Our Mission

To do this we take the time to know our students, their needs and aspirations. Every student achieves success through a personal pathway. We engage students by differentiating learning and offering a wide range of cultural and faith-based programs and immersions. We equip young people to become peacebuilders in our world.
Our Values

We put relationships first

We ‘meet each person at the gate’, welcoming every student as we find them. We believe in the inherent dignity and immeasurable value of every person. We seek to understand their story and enable them to discover and pursue their passions. 
We are an inclusive community

We are committed to creating a welcoming, respectful and safe school environment. Everyone is known, loved, challenged to grow and contribute to our learning community. 
We celebrate all gifts and abilities

We value all forms of service and achievement. This extends to our staff, who are supported with meaningful professional development and opportunities for growth within a collegial and progressive working environment.

We care for the vulnerable

We are a proud Catholic school. We embrace and celebrate the rich diversity within our own and the wider community, always mindful of those most in need. We journey in partnership with our families and have faith in the capacity and voice of our students.

We nurture community partnerships

We seek authentic relationships with all families and strong connections with our local parishes, feeder schools and colleges within the CRC Federation. We are of service to our local community and committed to creating a more just and peaceful world.