Our College Mission

In the Hebrew Scriptures, to give something a name was to call it into existence, to give it an identity. We call upon this sacred tradition as we seek to define our vision for ourselves and our school community.

We are a Catholic College

We envision a school where the understanding of human integrity, as modelled by Jesus Christ and taught by the Catholic Church, is lived. We therefore:

  • treat people with dignity and respect
  • value the individual
  • offer a view of the world which is distinctive
  • allow second chances
  • celebrate our faith
  • actively teach our Christian tradition
  • pray together
  • promote the needs of those less fortunate
  • invite a personal faith response
  • seek what is just

We are a Regional College

We envision a school where people continue with us, a journey begun in their local parish. We therefore:

  • value the relationship we have with our feeder parishes
  • make real attempts to know one another
  • celebrate the cultural and religious communities we come from
  • foster acceptance of diversity
  • encourage continued participation in parish events
  • support our collegial campuses
  • welcome opportunities to be involved in local events

We are a College

We envisage a school where excellence is applauded. We therefore:

  • acknowledge achievement and success
  • value learning
  • develop responsibility
  • offer opportunity for shared leadership
  • encourage the use and appreciation of talents
  • invite the setting of personal goals
  • develop a curriculum which meets the needs of the individual

We envision a school where everything we do witnesses to who we are; so that faith, based on the belief that God loves each of us, pride in our religious tradition and hope in a future  enriched through education, might last a lifetime.