Curriculum Overview

At Catholic Regional College North Keilor our focus is always on the learner as a whole person, and supporting the overall growth and development of each student.

We are passionate about the social and emotional learning of every student and the importance of guiding them in their Faith journey. We commit to offering a broad range of academic options to students in the belief that they will continue to grow through the process of learning, and aspire to establish and pursue their personal goals.

The College curriculum provides students with a planned sequence of learning experiences in a broad range of subject areas, enabling them to develop knowledge and skills appropriate to their individual needs.

The elective program offers opportunities for each student to have choice in their own education. The range of subjects offered imparts the necessary knowledge and skills applicable to VCE, VET and VCAL at Catholic Regional College Sydenham and provides a solid foundation for further education.

We believe that the academic options and support available to our students will enable a deeper learning disposition whilst developing the appropriate academic knowledge, skills and confidence to continue their learning journey throughout life.