The Connections Program centres around a holistic approach to student wellbeing within an engaging and stimulating learning environment.

The objective of Connections is to create explicit links between student wellbeing and learning, fostering personal growth, connectedness and positive outcomes.

During fortnightly Connections lessons, students work together with their peers and Homebase teachers, engaging in age appropriate activities aimed at developing coping skills and strategies to equip them for life at school and beyond. 

Connections lessons are specifically designed to foster self-belief, self-understanding and resilience. Connections lessons engage students in the classroom and beyond to reflect upon, discuss and access support for their personal growth whilst building their individual self-belief and learning goals.

Connections imparts learning about personal wellbeing with respect to physical and mental health, risk-minimisation, informed decision-making and the building of healthy relationships with friends, peers and family.

Focus points of the Connections program include:

  • Adolescent Brain Development
  • Growth mindsets
  • Positive Relationships
  • Body Image
  • Cyber Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Study Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Path Exploration