We believe all students should be provided with a safe and supportive learning environment, underpinned by positive relationships with others and opportunities to achieve significant and measurable growth in their learning journey.

Our staff are committed to inspiring students to raise their own learning aspirations. We strive to sustain a positive school environment for students, filled with the hope of igniting a passion for learning, seeking curiosity and developing independent lifelong learners.

Our staff create inclusive, safe and supportive learning environments to allow students to thrive and flourish. We know that fostering relationships with others engenders strong connections and positive wellbeing. The College is committed to supporting students to develop meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers, but importantly to their personal learning journey, and seeking opportunities to challenge and extend themselves.

The College utilises evidence-based research to shape our professional practice. We foster a professional and collaborative approach to developing curriculum, teaching and assessment across all year levels. Our curriculum ensures that all students on the learning continuum are accounted for and that clear progression of knowledge and skills in all domains aligns with each student's learning needs.

At Catholic Regional College North Keilor the breadth of co-curricular programs and activities ensures that every student is able to engage in activity where they will find enjoyment and experience success. The focus on providing additional learning programs and initiatives is to further engage and enrich the learning experience for all students. Our staff are committed to supporting each student to flourish in their learning journey by searching for the “plus 1s” – that is, the creative and engaging strategies that aim to enhance the student learning experience.

Brendan Hallinan - Deputy Principal