We understand that faith is a personal encounter with God but one that also grows and deepens when it is shared with others.

We provide students with an extensive range experiences to express their Catholic Faith. We believe it is important to present our students with opportunities to engage in dynamic and diverse faith experiences, enabling them to grow in their personal faith journey.

Throughout the school year, we gather as a community to celebrate faith through liturgy, prayer and in receiving Jesus truly present in the Eucharist. Each cohort participates in a Reflection Day providing students with the opportunity to be immersed in meaningful experiences with their peers. Reflection Days allow students to strengthen their relationships with God and with one another, and to explore the varied ways faith can be expressed and authentically lived.

In addition, students are presented with a range of opportunities and events to explore and further develop their faith, including but not limited to:

Ignite Youth Conference

Students in Years 9 and 10 are invited to participate in the Ignite Youth Conference. This event allows students to be immersed in prayer and to experience their faith with other young people from around Australia.

Ministry Band

A co-curricular group of students who commit to sharing their God-given musical talents to bring the sacrifice of mass and other liturgical events to life.

‘On the Couch’ and ‘On the Green’

Events inviting students to meet and hear from a range of young people sharing about their relationships with God and how they strive to live out their faith in the modern world.

Youth Group

A program to build relationships in the light of faith. Youth Group is coordinated by the Year 10 Faith Team in partnership with the Director of Faith and Mission.