At Catholic Regional College North Keilor we embrace and celebrate the unique qualities of all learners.

The mission of the Learning Diversity Department is to ensure every child at the College receives an education that is inclusive and equitable.

We believe that every child has the right to a range of engaging learning activities which meet their individual needs.

The Learning Diversity Team is committed to developing collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, families and community to ensure students with additional learning needs are supported from the moment they are enrolled at the College.

In Term 4 of the Grade 6 year, the Learning Diversity Coordinator commences the transition of prospective students, consulting with parents, meeting with students and visiting feeder schools to gather information that informs the level of support the student requires. Later in Term 4, a Pre-Orientation morning is held for students with additional learning needs to visit the College and connect with the Learning Diversity Team as well as members of the Wellbeing Team.

Once a student commences at the College they are supported in a number of ways, including:

Assistance during Homebase and in a range of subject areas by Learning Support Officers.

Modified classwork, homework and assessments to match individual student’s needs, ensuring they progress along the learning continuum at their own pace.

Individual Learning Plans formulated by subject teachers when a student’s learning needs cannot be met by the standard curriculum.

Program Support Group meetings convened each term for students who meet the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) criteria for Supplementary Adjustment and above.

This support is monitored and adapted throughout the student’s time at the College.

If a student experiences difficulties with their learning at any time they will be referred to the Learning Diversity Coordinator who, working closely with parents/guardians, the College Psychologists and the Wellbeing Team, will use a variety of information and assessment tools to guide interventions for the student.

Our Learning Diversity Centre, currently in the early stages of development will become the heart of a dedicated Student Services Hub, incorporating Wellbeing, Transition, Counselling, and Learning Diversity.

Debbie Kirk-Brittain - Learning Diversity Coordinator