Catholic Regional College North Keilor is conscious of the financial pressures on families and as such, attempts to keep tuition costs to a minimum so as not to further burden families.

College Tuition Fees 2020

The College Tuition Fees for 2020 have been set at $4,185 per student. Additional levies and discounts are outlined below.

College Levies for 2020

Macbook Levy

The Mac-book Levy for 2020 is $425 per year for students in Years 8 – 10.

Students commencing Year 7 are required to pay a deposit of $425, Year 7 Payment of $425 and eLearning Levy of $275 (total $1125) prior to collection of their device. 

eLearning Levy

The following 2020 eLearning Levies apply for Year 8 to 10 students:

Year Level  Levy
Year 8  $400
Year 9  $330
Year 10  $330

Camp Fees

Compulsory camps areheld in Years 7 and 9. Camp Fees for 2020 are: 

Year 7   $345
Year 9  $440

Payment of Tuition Fees and Levies

A Statement of College Tuition Fees, Levies and Year 9 and 10 Electives is sent to families early in Term 1. A range of payment options are available including weekly, fortnightly, monthly and by term Direct Debit or Credit Card payments.


An Early Payment Discount of $100 per child from Tuition Fees will apply if the account is settled in full by the end of Term 1.

Sibling discounts apply for families with more than one child enrolled at any Catholic Regional College Federation school. 

Government Allowance – CSEF

The College encourages families who hold a Centrelink Concession Card to complete a CSEF form which can be obtained from the College Finance Manager. Those holding concession cards are entitled to assistance in the form of the Government “Camps Sport Excursion Funding” (CSEF) allowance of $225 per student which is towards school fees.

Financial Hardship

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact the College Finance Manager if they are experiencing financial hardship. The College understands that circumstances can and do change and as such we are very open to assisting in times of need. In such cases, it is very important that there is a clear line of communication between the family and the College.

All Fee enquires or discussions about payment plans should be directed to the Finance Office on 9361 5900 or by email at:


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