Faith Matters

Faith Matters Monday, 27 Sept 2021

We can all agree that we have been presented with many challenges during Term 3. In the final week, our College Captains, supported by our Faith Captain Danijela Dolic, led the Year 10 cohort in a virtual liturgy. The theme of the Liturgy was ‘Faith overcomes the storm’ which drew on the gospel of Matthew (8:23-27). Jesus fell asleep as he journeyed on a boat with his disciples. In disarray from the turbulent waters which filled the boat, the disciples woke Jesus. And he said to them, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” He stood up and commanded the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind stopped, and it became completely calm. Each of the Captains shared their own reflection of what the scripture meant for them.

“In the gospel, the disciples turned to Jesus and said “Teacher, save us! Can’t you see we’re drowning?” I’m sure this is a feeling we have resonated with at one stage or another. At times, we may have felt the weight of expectations, of feeling isolated as if we were trapped in the middle of the sea feeling disconnected from our teachers and peers. Not realising that just as all this chaos and turbulence was going on in the gospel, Jesus was always present on the boat. And likewise, in the raging waters of Term 3, we need to acknowledge the support that has always been there for us, our teachers, our families and our friends.”
— Claudia Galea, College Captain
"When times are difficult, it is easy to forget God and remain doubtful. As a faith community, we are always encouraged to think about God’s greater purpose for the experiences we’ve had. While this Term has been hard, there were still lessons we can learn and grow from. It’s also important to recognise all that we have been able to achieve.”
— Kiana Jackson, College Vice Captain
“We’ve made it to this point. God has journeyed with us, and has assisted us through our challenges, bringing a halt to the strong winds. We are headed towards our school holiday break where we should take a step back and embrace the ‘calm after the storm.’ But we also need to remember that whilst the storm has subsided, our boat has not yet reached its destination. Let us remember to learn to take things as they come, accept our past, and focus on the new chapter that awaits us in Term 4. Having a well-rested break is key in allowing us to perform at our best for the time we have left at CRCNK.”
— Taila Gold, College Vice Captain

May our experiences from Term 3 encourage us to seek courage amidst adversity. Learning from Jesus, that he not only calms the storms around us but our hearts as well. We are enlivened to move forward into the term ahead, hopeful for a restful break and new opportunities. We thank our Year 10s for their contribution to the college, and wish them the very best for their final term at CRCNK. With the unfolding of our new vertical structure and our newly announced saint houses, we are excited for what’s to come! Let’s pray for a renewed spirit as we embark on the next chapter. Have a well-earned break everyone.

Phoebe Mondares, Director - Faith and Mission