The objective of the Audeamus program is to provide our Year 9 students with immersive learning experiences and examine their place in the community.

Through this integrated subject students explore aspects of history, geography, religion, IT and art; applying their skills to in-depth projects based around the environment in which they live.

Audeamus forms an important component of the Year 9 curriculum. Projects are inquiry-based, with students encouraged to explore key ideas in-depth and work collaboratively to reflect and answer relevant and important questions.

During Semester 1, students explore the city of Melbourne. They are challenged to navigate the CBD using maps and public transport to visit a number Melbourne’s icons. The Semester’s work culminates with the submission of a portfolio and research project.

In Semester 2, the focus is on Community Service. Students are required to ask themselves “How can I give back to my community?”. Through investigating community service and giving of themselves, students discover a perspective of life and others that they may not have had the opportunity to witness previously.