The Strength Switch

Collaborative Learning Space

Focusing on your children’s weaknesses can do more harm than good. Dr Lea Waters offers a new approach to raising happy and healthy kids. In the Strength Switch Parenting Course, Lea shows the benefits of building on children’s strengths rather correcting their weaknesses with many practical exercises, activities and tools.

By learning how to flick the “Strength Switch”, you can help your children build resilience, optimism and achievement. This approach enhances self-esteem and energy for both children and teenagers. The Strength Switch will show you that a small shift can yield enormous results.

The College is offering an 8-week Strength Switch parenting course commencing on 22nd July. The program consists of 3 face-to-face workshop presentations led by Michelle Falzon, Family Engagement Coordinator, which will be delivered at the College, and 5 online course modules that you will complete in the comfort of your own home.

To obtain a course outline please email Samantha Beg, Community Liaison Officer at sbeg@crcnk.vic.edu.au